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Must See Hotels in Las Vegas

While in Las Vegas, you must visit some of the city’s most famous hotels. There are so many to choose from that a trip to Las Vegas would be incomplete without a stop at the Luxor Hotel, which is shaped like a pyramid. Or, you can try a meal at the world-famous Bellagio Hotel, inspired by an Italian town. Or, you can head to the Wynn Hotel, which has a top of the world restaurant. Whether your style is elegant or funky, Las Vegas has something for everyone.

Luxor Hotel is shaped like a pyramid

The Luxor Hotel is a legendary resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, that is shaped like a pyramid. Guarded by the giant Sphinx, the Luxor pyramid is one of the city’s most iconic and most popular hotels. Each room features a sloping wall and an inclined lift. The Pyramid Building features the unique Tower Rooms, with a charming Egyptian feel and spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Bellagio Hotel is inspired by Italian town

The Bellagio Hotel is a mega casino resort that combines luxurious Italian style with top-notch entertainment and fine dining. The property opened in 1998 and has been considered one of the most beautiful on the Strip. Its name, which translates to ‘beautiful place’, reflects its Italian style. In fact, the hotel opened with the name of a beautiful Italian town. The Dunes Hotel was built on the site of the Bellagio.

Mirage Hotel has a man-made volcano

If you’ve never been to Vegas, you need to see a man-made volcano, and The Mirage Hotel has one. Not only does this hotel have a real volcano, but it also has nightly eruption shows, complete with music and fire. The man-made volcano is an amazing sight to see! It’s also fun to watch from afar, too! Here are some fun facts about the man-made volcano at The Mirage Hotel.

Wynn Hotel has a top of the world restaurant

The Tower Suite Bar is a popular hangout for regulars and business travelers at the Wynn. Featuring low-slung lounge chairs and comfortable sofas, the tower-side bar serves as a graceful transition from Tableau to the rest of the resort. During the day, the Tower Suite Bar serves as a quiet alternative to The Cafe. Hours are 6:00 am to 12 midnight. Tank tops are not permitted at the Tower Suite Bar.

Excalibur Hotel has a King Arthur theme

The Excalibur Hotel & Casino is an opulent slice of Las Vegas that transports guests to the days of King Arthur. The hotel’s castle-like structure has many amenities, including two pools, a family-size spa tub, waterfalls, and water slides. Guests can enjoy the tournament of kings dinner show or a medieval-style buffet. There are many places to gamble and table games, such as poker and keno.

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